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Who We Are

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Endourage is founded, managed, and advised by medical doctors, research scientists, and operators that focus on developing hemp-derived, indication-specific formulations for clinical use.

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Our mission & vision

At Endourage, we are healing the world with the creation of hemp-derived research-driven formulations.

We achieve this by offering natural healing perfected through scientific research and testing. We are instilling confidence and trust in hemp-derived formulations.

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Endourage is committed to independent and collaborative research and development of hemp-derived formulations for specific indications. We work with doctors directly on various case studies and trials, who recommend our products to their patients. We make significant investments required to produce formulations, apply rigorous and compliant research standards, and share or publish our findings with health providers and medical institutions.



Endourage brings decades of experience developing safe therapies for clinical use that target specific indications. Decisions are informed by licensed clinicians with board certifications & advisory board roles spanning medicine, pharmacology and agronomy. Endourage formulations are developed in collaboration with practicing clinicians and researchers.


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Through research, clinical trials, and case studies, Endourage understands the frustration of doctors who are searching for additional options for their patients. We also understand the suffering of patients with unresolved symptoms. This understanding fosters compassing that inspires our science.

Meet the Team

Michael Steward


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Michael Steward has been a licensed physician for over 20 years. He is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and is board certified in family medical practice, a specialist in HIV treatment, palliative care, and cannabinoid medicine. He has owned and operated the largest HIV care practice in a 5-state region. He has held a medical director position in the areas of hospice and home health care. He is an owner in one of California's largest Cannabis Companies, and is on multiple pharmaceutical advisory boards.

Lauri Kibby


Chairwoman and Co-Founder

Lauri Kibby is Chairwoman and Co-Founder of Endourage. She was the Co-Founder and CFO of Kings Garden, one of California's largest cannabis cultivators. She has over 25 years of CEO and managing partner experience in the fields of development and construction. In addition, Lauri is a professional board member and angel investor in the health and beauty, cannabis, and nonprofit sectors.

Isaac Foster


Chief Executive Officer

Isaac Foster has 20+ years scaling companies including 5 years in Cannabis. He has been the Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Financial Officer of 9 startups in the industries of defense technology, telecommunications, financial services, consumer services, and cannabis and hemp. He has years of experience and expertise as an investment banker in healthcare and tech.